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goodone's gameplay for Star Trek Online (PC)

goodone played Star Trek Online

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goodone said...
  • frustrated
  • Discovered
one word - season 6 surely needs bugfixes... ohhh, my, many bugfixes!
Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date: 02/FEB/10
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They're waiting for Q to pop in and snap his fingers. It's cheaper that way. Besides they're far too busy creating new color palettes for all the bridge packs so they can sell them in your fleet store. After you buy a new "bridge module" of course ;)
You should know Q better than that. He'll find the most creative and aggrivating way to make the bugs worse, while making it look at first as though they were fixed. Or he'll replace them with some completely different bug. Or he'll turn your ship into a flying Winnebago with warp drive. He's more Chaotic than Evil, after all.
actually, maybe Q was involved with s6 in the 1st place... judging from all those bugs. ^^
Do any of the bugs transform people into strange forms or transport them to absurd, made-up sub-realities?
actually, i decided to give them some time to fix those issues... while i play other stuff. just so i'm not forced to make some of ravenknight's screenshots. ^^
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