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Quotation_open_48px iNqUIrY: whO ArE yOU?!

a cYbErnEtIc LifEfOrm,

LingErIng On hUmAnItY.

fun 2 b w/: hanging out w/ m8s; a spending time favorite.
moods music listening; whenever possible.
a nature lover; big blues dependent.
watching movies all day long; fantasy preferred.
a lifetime gamer; sources of enlightenment.
a technophile: bonded 2 computer & network; a freak.
ideas as food; a daily requirement.
an organized emotional state; few & unique friends.
new creative, pragmatic lifestyles; a never-ending seeker.
an activist: much of gathered thoughts belongs 2 philosophy. Quotation_close_48px



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Name: Vlatko Salaj
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“goodone is a Talented Player. ”

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“goodone is a Talented Player. STO.. a love/hate relationship. Much like RL.”